Poem by Kula GH.
I didn’t know him that well 

Couldn’t call him a friend because we sat close to each other yet far apart

I didn’t know him that well

Only thing I knew about him was how popular he was in the virtual world

I didn’t know him that well

It seemed awkward trying to have a convo with him because i didn’t know where to start

I didn’t know him that well

Yet all I could think about was how he amassed such wealth in the virtual world.

I see his pictures all over my Timeline

Flashy cars, Chilling, holding stacks of money to his ear

How he ended up in the same trosky with me wasn’t clear

You see? A rich man was sitting next to me 

Yet his appearance and demeanor didn’t correlate with who I knew on social media

He posts flashy things online to get the attention of my sister

This situation looks simple but I bet you, this is deeper

He’s living a separate life from what he depicts on social media

And this is SAD.

Look at him screaming “Pure, Pure” cos he needs some water

Next thing I know he’s arguing the fare with the conductor

Between the two, I couldn’t tell which was stranger.

I was SAD.

I met a rich man in a trosky.

Rich on social media yet poor in real life

What happened to your cars? Well, he didn’t have one

Stacks of money to his ear buh he didn’t own one

So who was he fooling?

Me? You? Or himself?

I met a rich man in a trosky, and he had himself misled. 



Those Three Words!

She stood in his tiny bathroom, brushing her teeth before bed. They had not been dating for long, but things were going fine; they were enjoying each other’s company.

As she stood there wearing only his oversized t-shirt and a pair of black panties, she stared into the mirror at herself and smiled. They were about to get into his huge king-sized bed and cuddle up – this was her favourite time of day. She loved laying next to him, talking about their day, laughing, joking around, and wrestling playfully with each other.

It made her feel close to him.

It made her feel like he truly cared for her. It made her feel loved, they had not uttered the dangerous “L” word to each other just yet…it was definitely much too early for that.

She rinsed her mouth with water, spit, then swung around and opened the door to his bedroom.
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Thank You Dad!

Dear Dad,

                 It’s father’s Day this weekend and we, your children, want to honour and celebrate you for being a Super Dad.  Each of us experienced our special moments with you. We all have personal memories of how you listened to and laughed with us, provided for us and protected us. We remember especially. how you spent time just playing with us – making us laugh so hard that we cried!

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There’s this fine babe for my hood inside, some light skin girl bi like that ooh, the girl fine! In name be Aisha. Boys dey rush for this girl eeh, I won’t blame them tho, who wouldn’t like to date a fresh chick? But the problem be say, the girl dey rush!!!! Sake of boys dey give am attention, she no dey pet any guy la, flexing sorrrr. This girl disrespected me in public paaaa, the thing pain me eehh, I never go forget!

It was a lovely morning as usual, and I was hungry, I wanted to drink some koko. So I went to the koko seller’s place, I met some of my friends there. I ordered my meal, koko one cedi, koose 1 cedi, tea bread 1 cedi. I took the bread, sliced it into half and inserted the koose in the middle, abi u see the thing, koose burger be that lol… ahiaaa I go chop?

So I was enjoying my meal and chatting with my guys when Aisha came along, she also wanted to buy some koko, but na the koose no make ready, so the seller flow am say, make she wedge

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I have a boyfriend!

I was returning home from town, at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, popularly known as ‘Circle’

Because of the fly over construction, the place was busy, messy and dirty as usual, it took me like, 20 minutes to find where the Madina buses were packed.

 The mate was shouting “37, airport, legon, madina old road”, it was funny the way he says the ‘old road’, he was busily shouting ” Legon, madina o ro, o ro”

 It was around mid day so the bus was almost empty, and the sun was scorching hot! So you could imagine the heat! Very unpleasant and unbearable!

 During this hour of the day, these buses don’t get full on time, could take about 45 minutes to load one bus.

I sat at the first row, window seat, just behind the driver…after a brief glance through the bus, I took out my phone outta my pocket and started tweeting…I was bored.

 15 minutes later, the bus was almost full, I wasn’t in a hurry, so I wasn’t bothered. I could hear one lady, who sat behind me, chuckle, it was as if she was in a hurry, but like I said, it didn’t bother me and I wasn’t in a

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Episode 4

Did anyone ever find out? Of course not! We are definitely too smart for that. But dad has been heavily suspicious of us. He had to even asked me indirectly a few times if my aunt behaved strangely towards me. To which I predictably said no! Anyways, that didn’t ever change the unshaken respect Aunty Edna had within the extended family. One thing was always certain, she was good with whatever she ventured into. Before she did leave our home that holiday, she did finally succeed in stopping Dad from drinking completely. And thus putting an end to our home’s spontaneous habit of breaking up frequently. She also did succeed in stopping me from hanging out with my rather loose friends even though part of that decision was basically mine as they just kept being annoying pricks! It is generally safe to say, that the rescue mission did go as she intended – even if it did come with a little sensual twist to it!





Episode 3🔞

We had taken lunch and then dinner much later and it was time for bed. Mum immediately called me just before I began eating my own dinner and asked me to move my aunt’s bags into my sister’s bedroom as that was where she was going to spend the night. Dad had produced the spare key to her room and had gone on to unlock the door.The room was surprisingly in order and it was easy to find space where I eventually dropped Aunty Edna’s bags. It was also while I was doing so, that I found the entire stash of my adult magazines and movies which she had taken from me! She had created space in one of her boxes and put them there. As I quickly went through them, I realized she had been going through all of them as similar notes found on the previous one, were equally seen on them too. I had to temporarily leave them as I was wary that she was likely going to come into my sister’s bedroom anytime soon. But I did promise that I was going to come back for increased details of what she had been doing with them. I was indeed lucky anyway, because barely a minute after I had left my sister’s bedroom, my aunt came out of the bathroom where she’d been all along.

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Episode 2

Lectures came thick and fast! It wasn’t exactly surprising as exams were already around the corner. My friends who were only seeing me after about two days, didn’t fail to poke fun at my sudden disappearance. They even insisted that they would follow me home to be reassured that it was a sick mum I was actually taking care of. Anyways, when it was actually time to go, they did mellow down, referring to shifting the visit to some other time. So fortunately for me, I returned home alone. But to be greeted by an empty house.

The front door was locked meaning that Aunty Edna eventually went out. I even met the white shirt she had worn that morning while we fucked, hung in the bathroom after I had gone in, thus bringing back a surge of sexual urges as I took the shirt in my hand. It was really very obvious I desired to fuck my aunt again and as I gradually settled at home, thoughts of how else I could evoke a situation that would lead to another sexual experience kept filing my head. Anyways, I had just eaten and was quietly ransacking my parents’ room for the rest of the magazines Aunty Edna had seized when I suddenly heard someone knock at the front door.

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🚫 Season five(5) finale
🔞 story rated 18+ readers descretion is advised


With both Aunt and Nephew found out to be just culprits of same darkgang, any further talks of a ‘rescuemission’ will seem to be mere gobbledygook. But with dad and family still separated, won’t there be an obvious need to keep pushing on with the rescue mission; even if a part of it has seemingly ‘failed’ already?

story continues…

Episode 1

What I wasn’t still sure about later that morning, was if Aunty Edna had begun that ‘famous’ bath with the intention of actually going out. She had said the previous day that she was going out to see dad so it was easy to think she was going to do same that very morning too. From all I was perceiving, Dad and probably mum were soon going to be back. In fact, I wasn’t going to be surprised if it ended up happening that very day. I only became a bit confused when Aunty Edna began acting as though those were no longer her plans.

Since after we fucked in the bathroom, she had gone on into her bedroom and just like the previous day, locked herself up! And from my timing, it was already an hour plus and she was yet to reappear. While I wasn’t very pleased with how the whole thing was suddenly going, I couldn’t say I didn’t understand what the actual problems were. I was quite aware that she was suffering from the guilt that was coming from the fact that she just fucked her nephew
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Episode 3

She was basically naked because the wet shirt could only serve as a mere second skin! It was after I had taken the time to drink up the ‘soft-porn’ before me that I could mumble out anything of meaning! My dick was already in another planet!”Ehh….”, I stammered”Where is my towel Joel ?…” she repeated. There was a mixture of feint seriousness and then casualness about her voice. I also didn’t fail to notice how her eyes barely left my dick which was persistently throbbing, stretching  the front of my shorts to its fully elasticity!”Your towel?…” I asked back, obviously lost in what was before my eyes! Her nipples had suddenly gone considerably longer and were poking through the shirt! If not for her hands which were the only thing holding the unbuttoned shirt together, the nipples would have slipped out!”Yes my towels…were…were..are they?” she followed up, evidently fluttering in her own speech too as she watched my hand involuntarily rest on my dick, giving it a series of squeezes! I was just out of control!”Your towel…Your towel is…”, I couldn’t just finish up a statement anymore! I was already drawn to her thighs which were brazenly exposed completely, given that the shirt only stopped just after her crotch area! They were so thick and fleshy and immensely seductive! The freshness of the many folds that made them up even as water trickled down their lengths, made them look undeniably tempting!I was already drawn to her thighs which were brazenly exposed completely, given that the shirt only stopped just after her crotch area!When aunty Edna saw that we were barely making any progress, she turned her back and began leading the way into the bathroom again. “I am asking for my towel which used to be…”. as soon as she turned, her enormous ass came into full view! The length of the shirt meant it was almost completely in the open and it swayed as she made her way through the bathroom door! as soon as she turned, her enormous ass came into full view!
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